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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Longterm, the best value for getting customers to your website.

Are you fed up of seeing your competition take the top Google search positions? Do you want to start taking a large slice of their website visitor traffic and converting those enquiries into your own clients without having to pay the premium of advertising with Google Adwords or other paid advertising platforms? Do you want a team that will actually take the time to understand your business and the goals you’d like to achieve?

ZEN Digital Marketing Agency have a wealth of experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) with all our work being carried out by our own in-house SEO experts.

Google search positioning

We doubt many agencies will do this but we’re prepared to show you some of our results which should certainly go to prove we certainly have a very good insight into Google’s secret sauce of how a website gets positioned (no-one actually knows the Google confidential algorithm for search engine positioning no matter what they tell you), and it’s only from ‘years’ of constant experimentation that has got us to this position.

Please note, search engine positions can change dramatically depending on the search engine, whether it’s on desktop or mobile, and the day and/or time, so if there’s any differences to those reported below please try again at another day/time or on a different device. Also ensure you use an Incognito Window to ensure you’re not viewing locally cached results on your browser. Failing that please give us a call.

Quick examples include our very own Sister company with a number one map listing position for our biggest enquiry driver ‘market research london’ and ‘market research companies london’ (and in most instances ‘market research companies’ and variations of it will also work).

Ramora Facilities Support with a number one ‘organic’ search position (this can sometime hover between position 1 & 2 depending on time of day or day of month etc) for the phrase ‘warehouse restoration’ (again, another highly converted keyphrase for their market), along with other well positioned keywords. [results at time of writing of 14 June 2022]

Finally, and perhaps our most successful seo campaign, Air Aesthetics with several industry leading and extremely competitive highly positioned ‘organic’  (generally position 1 - 2 depending on the time and day) key phrases that drive thousands of monthly website visits including ‘emsculpt solihull’, ‘emsculpt birmingham’, cellfina birmingham’, cellfina solihull’, ‘cellfina’ (this one word keyword comes 2nd across the web only to who are one of the largest health sites on the internet, which is an amazing feat in itself) and many more. [results at time of writing of 14 June 2022]

Well lets see some of your search engine results…

As you can see from the results above, position type is an important consideration, and is dependent on a myriad of factors. Should you go for a Google Place/Map listing or an organic SERP (Search Engine Results Page)? Both are rare, but not unknown (as you've probably noticed from the results we've obtained for clients demonstrated above). If you’re an e-commerce based business you might want to be in a Google Shopping or image based listing position; as they say, different courses for different horses. At Zen we would help determine your best strategy to take depending on your business type, its location, services, customer type, and other important factors.

Search Engine Position Type.

SEO is a scientific-art (a deserving oxymoron) and no-one can tell you when or what position you will likely receive (so ignore those emails from our overseas friends telling you they can get you the number one position in Google within a few weeks!). Unfortunately it comes down to the old saying ‘how longs a piece of string?’, there’s just no way of knowing. From our own experience we’ve noticed that smaller businesses with little competition for their services and keywords can get positioned within days to around six months. Larger, more competitive businesses with key phrases can take anywhere between twelve and twenty-four months, but it’s worth noting in these instances it’s generally a good investment over such a long period as you’ll experience progressively greater through-put of visitor traffic, increasing your enquiries at a ‘far’ lower long-term cost than paid advertising.

It’s also worth noting that Google positions - and other competing search engines such as Microsoft’s Bing search engine - can fluctuate (sometimes wildly) depending on the day of the week and time of the day. For example, you may find you’re Google position one on Monday but position two on Tuesday. Similarly, different search engines will generally position you differently, sometimes to a massive degree, so you might be say position two on Google and position twenty on Bing, so determining your preferred search engine for website positioning is a key part of our search engine strategy ( in the past, for example, we’ve found Microsoft Bing better for a more senior and/or academic demographic, which would lend itself well to those targeting those different demographic types).

Length of Time to Position on a Search Engine.

Trust us, content matters, particularly in the more competitive keyword space. Generally, we find the more content (and thus pages) you have, the more traffic you’ll get to your site. The problem is, for most clients, content is not easy and is generally one of those items on your to-do list that’s always getting moved and never gets completed, so that’s why - unlike most other agencies - we have our own internal content and editorial team, who know how to write engaging content pieces (and grammatically correct unlike most of the rubbish you see on the internet!) and take this large part of the work off your hands. Importantly, because they’re our own in-house team, the content is specifically planned and managed according to your individual search engine positioning strategy, so instead of receiving some random, haphazard article that does not drive qualified visitors i.e. visitors that are unlikely to buy/request your offering, our team create articles that your customer type will be interested in and thus searching for.

Does Content Matter in Terms of Search Engine Positioning & Visitor Traffic?

As we inferred in the previous section, it’s paramount that we as an agency understand your business and its objectives. Before we commence any project, we will always give you an initial free consultation, and should you then decide to work with us, this is then followed with a highly in-depth analysis of your business, its marketing strategy, your competitors, and importantly your result expectations. We want to understand your business so we can get you the best possible results.

If you’re still reading this, then we imagine you’re interested in increasing your search engine traffic. We’re not some big scary agency, we’re just normal approachable people, so please feel free to contact us for a no obligation chat about your particular circumstances.

Getting the Best Search Engine Strategy by Truly Understanding your Business and its Objectives.

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